Thursday, August 24, 2023   /   by Brittany Aspenson


The process of moving into a new house, even when you've done it a couple of times already, will always be stressful and difficult. It’s much more than relocating to a new place, especially when you have to leave a home you’ve lived in for years. It’s where you’ve made thousands of memories with your loved ones and shared countless meals and meaningful conversations with friends. Maybe this was your first home with your spouse or the house where you had your firstborn. If you’re moving to a different neighborhood or state, it might be even more difficult to part ways with the people you love and care about in your neighborhood.

Saying goodbye is never easy, even to a place you've loved and called home. However, moving is an inevitable part of life, so we’re here to make it a little bit easier for you. If you happen to find yourself feeling lonely about this huge transition, especially for families with children, here are sweet ways to say farewell forever to a place that was so much more than four walls and a roof.

Go through each room, either by yourself or as a family, and take the time to reminisce about your favorite memories from each specific space. Let everyone bid their own special farewell by sharing a fun or interesting story that happened in that particular room. 

Think back on the happy times you spent with your kids in their bedrooms, reading their favorite books or telling them stories. Or the renovated bathroom where you enjoy relaxing bubble baths at night. Your dining room must have a treasure of memories of awesome family meals and get-togethers. After each family member has given their goodbyes, leave the room together and close the door behind you as a symbolic gesture of moving on.

Of course, one of the best ways to help you remember your old home is to make sure you have plenty of photos. Once you've decided to sell and before packing all of your belongings into moving boxes, snap pictures of each room, even when they’re messy. Or if you’re someone who already likes taking photos, collect those you’ve already taken, especially when you’re enjoying the little moments with your loved ones—chilling in front of the TV on a weekend night, your kids playing in the garden, you and your spouse lounging on the patio with your favorite drinks, and so on. Anything special to you around the house and the neighborhood, snap a photo of it to help you remember.

You could print the photos out and arrange all of them in an album, with the address and the dates you lived there on the front cover. For those with younger kids, you can encourage them to help you make a scrapbook. If you want to go all out, grab a camcorder and film everything. All of these will serve as a lovely and realistic record of your time at your old home. And if you’re having mixed feelings about moving, these honest images showing the good and bad elements of your house might help you become more excited about your new abode.

Another way to help you remember the time of your life at your beloved house is to commission a painting or a professional photograph. This could be your departing gift to yourself that will always remind you of your old house and the memories you had there, and which you can put up in your soon-to-be home.

If a tangible keepsake is what you're looking for, check around your property and see what you can bring as a souvenir. One common suggestion from moving experts is repotting your favorite small plant, shrub, or young tree that you can bring to the new house. Even seeds from fruit trees, which you can grow at your new property, can be a meaningful souvenir as a symbol of uprooting and replanting.

You've probably had a housewarming party when you got the keys to your home. Now, it’s the time for the opposite: a house cooling party. Even though moving is stressful and busy, it’s an amazing way to share memories and say goodbye to your house. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and never mind if you’ve already started to pack. Besides, it’s a great way to empty your pantry and fridge before your move. 

Your immediate family members and long-time friends, as well as your trusted neighbors and other local acquaintances, should be in attendance. And for sure, they won’t mind a few boxes when it’s time to share a final good meal together and reflect on the happy times you’ve had as you lived in the home. Of course, don’t forget to raise a glass to your home and take lots of pictures.